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  1. Build your Resume

  2. Jobseeking in the Artificial Intelligence Era

  3. Design Thinking introduction

  4. Agile Development introduction

Our Vision & Mission

BambooGeeks vision is to turn the MENA region into a tech talent hub! By upskilling it to a tech self-sufficient region. To achieve it's vision, BambooGeeks offers corporations, governments and innovation centers consulting services to identify the gap in the tech talent skills in the local market, tailor and run the initiatives connecting professional trainers with local talents.

BambooGeeks supports Governments and Corporations in creating & up skilling local Tech talents relevant to the market.

We tailor training programs on the latest technologies (Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Application Developmentā€¦), cutting edge methodologies (Agile development, DevSecOps, Design thinking, Entrepreneurship...), and top development and productivity tools (Jira, Fabric, automation...)

Our Services

Startups & Entrepreneurship

  1. Design Thinking

  2. Prototyping

  3. User Research

  4. Pitching

  5. Ideation

  6. Problem Solving

  7. Team management

Employability & Professionalism

  1. Resume Building

  2. Personal Branding

  3. Job Hunting

  4. The art of Interviews

  5. Work Ethics

  6. Professional Communication

  7. Public Speaking

  8. Story Telling

  9. Self management

  10. Self learning

  11. Developer Tools

Advanced Technical

  1. Web Development

  2. Mobile Development

    • Android

    • IoS

    • Flutter

  3. Machine Learning

    • NLP

    • Computer Vision

    • Predictive analytics

    • TensorFlow

  4. Cloud computing

  5. Internet of things IoT

Product & tech Team Management

  1. Design Thinking

  2. Agile principles

  3. Scrum

  4. Remote Agility

  5. DevSecOps

  6. Project Management Tools

  7. Team collaboration tools

Hackathons & Tech Events management

  1. Planning & Managing offline Hackathons

  2. Planning & Managing online Hackathons

  3. Live competitions

  4. Online Networking events

  5. Tech team bonding activities


  1. Design Thinking

  2. Agile methodologies

  3. Hiring & talent retention

  4. Public speaking

  5. Diversity & Inclusion

  6. Programs management

For Corporates & Government entities

Are you seeking to up-scale your tech talents using an immersive learning experience with a focus on market relevant technologies and applying latest best practices and methodologies?

Reach out to us to build and deliver you a tailored program based on your needs and targets in collaboration with our top tier training and certification partners.

For Individuals

Are you seeking to launch or advance your career in programming, tech and entrepreneurship?

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